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Earth Angels Anthem

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Props to my wonderful engineer Mark Dann, who also plays guitar and bass on the track.


Here where I stand looking at the desert sky
I gaze upon this land and I feel my spirit fly
Here in these canyons where the red rocks gently arch,
I commune with Her presence as the dawn breaks through the dark.
I could stand here forever just to sing the Earth's sweet song
Her love, it makes me strong.
I wish that you could see Her the way I do.
I wish that you'd protect Her and see her through. Why do you hurt Her?
You just keep taking and taking, it breaks my heart.
What are you going to do when everything falls apart?

Here in our cities, where the righteous people march,
we are crying out for justice, with a fire in our hearts.
And the ones who abuse their power try to silence us with force,
like the way they treat our mother earth, they destroy without remorse.
But we are our mother's children and we will not back down.
It's time to stand our ground.
I wish you'd see the protests the way I do.
I wish the love in your heart would shine on through... Listen with your heart now.
When will the bombers turn into butterflies?
How much destruction will it take before you open your eyes?

Here on this planet, where the light confronts the dark
We are angels in human bodies, and we're here to light a spark
We will rise up in our Glory singing Love Will Conquer All
And we'll watch the darkness dissipate, as the walls begin to fall
Can I hear a Hallelujah? Let's hear our voices ring,
It's time the Angels sing.
Sing Glory Hallelujah from on high.
Sing Glory Hallelujah from on high.
Sing Glory Hallelujah from on high.
Sing Glory Hallelujah let your voices fill the sky