Earth Angels Anthem

Mirabai Moon

The catalyst for this song…it all started one morning when I was going through my mail and saw a newsletter from the NRDC, the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental group I contribute to. I saw an article about how the current Administration wants to open up national monument land in Utah to coal mining and oil drilling. Last summer when I was touring across country, I had an epic adventure at Arches National Park in Moab Utah. I was so blown away by the beauty and power of this sacred place! So, when I read this article and saw the pictures of the arches, I got really upset. I began weeping, not just for this place, but for the multitude of injustices going on in the world today, for the lack of compassion, for the greed and shortsightedness that is destroying everything I value. As my tears subsided, this catchy melody popped into my head, and I decided I would spend the day writing a song to make something beautiful out of all this ugliness. This song is meant to uplift, inspire and empower all of us who still care about this precious green and blue planet we live on, and for those who place the well-being of human beings, the earth, and all its creatures above profits.

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