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Blessings and gratitude to you for your generosity.

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"The Bridge To Where You Are"  is Mirabai's first full length kirtan album.  This album features renowned bansuri flutist Steve Gorn and the fabulous folk pop duo "The Levins" on harmony vocals.  It also features guest appearances by members of One Love Chant, Bhakti Fest's Best New Kirtan Band in 2013.

"Mirabai Moon's new album is the bomb!"  Bhakti Beat

"Mirabai Moon's music opens my heart."  Steve Gorn

"Forget any preconceptions that you may have about what this CD may be like and simply experience it ! It will deliver a joyful and peaceful feeling that lasts way beyond the day that you listen to it. Mirabai's vocals are a soothing and rare combination of delicacy, power, and sustain that is delightful to listen to. All of the musicians that perform on this CD are outstanding and the music was obviously recorded and mastered by talented and experienced audio engineers. If you would like to put something on and have your stress melt away, buy this CD !"  Gregory Galfo, Producer/Engineer for Anvil Records

"I'm so proud of my friend and colleague Mirabai Moon who's latest album "The Bridge To Where You Are" is her very best yet. I playfully call her "the Joan Baez of kirtan" because of her strong, clear, expressive voice, her guitar playing, and her heartfelt song writing. Yogi friends, and anyone who enjoys traditional sanskrit chants given new musical life check it out!"  Perry Kroeger, artist in residence at The Growing Stage

The Bridge To Where You Are

Mirabai Moon

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Get your sacred groove on as East meets West in this soulful, uplifting, mystical kirtan album. Eleven ancient mantras put to new music written by Mirabai Moon. Featuring guest artists Steve Gorn, The Levins, Rob Morrison, and members of One Love Chant.

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Mirabai also just released her own unique and original version of The Hanuman Chalisa, featuring Sara Milonovich on violin, and Paul Speziale on guitar. 

In honor of Maharaji, Neem Karoli Baba, all digital sales of this mantra will be donated to charitable humanitarian causes.  You choose your donation amount, $4.99 and up.

The current cause I am raising funds for is Coalition for the Homeless, who are doing great work in NYC to help the homeless. To read more about the Coalition visit their website at  http://www.coalitionforthehomeless.org

In 2012, Mirabai released her first kirtan EP featuring legendary tabla player Badal Roy of the Miles Davis group, and the exceptional Amit Chatterjee on guitar, sitar, and vocals.  This EP has was completely re-mixed and re-mastered in 2015.

Also available here mirabaimoon.hearnow.com


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