SOULFIRE!!! Journey Dance & Mystical Kirtan

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Glenmoore Farm, 105 Pennington - Hopewell Rd., Hopewell, NJ

ACTIVATE YOUR SOULFIRE!!!! JourneyDance™ Trance + Mystical Kirtan + Sound Healing + Light Language Transmission Join Joy Okoye, Mirabai Moon, and friends on Sunday, October 1st, 2023, from 4-6 p.m. at Glenmoore Farm in Hopewell, NJ, for a transformative experience of joy through movement, Kirtan, and sound healing. 🌠 We begin with JourneyDance® …a TRANCE-formative experience that invites you to activate your soul expression, exploring the full spectrum of human emotions. Within our supportive community, we slow down, ground, and connect as both individuals and a unified tribe. Through movement, ritual, and vocal empowerment, we elevate ourselves on multiple levels. We release fears and limitations, allowing our fullest expression to shine. In JourneyDance™, we communicate our stories without words, using our bodies as prayers, catalyzing quantum shifts through intuitive movement. 🎶 Immerse yourself in the pure joy, love, and divine bliss of a MYSTICAL Kirtan, a Bhakti Yoga Practice. Sing, dance, and connect as we come together in an intimate exchange that requires no prior experience – just an open heart. ✨ The evening culminates in a channeled sound healing immersion and Light Being Activation experience, guided by Joy Okoye and Mirabai Moon's ethereal vibes. Dress comfortably, avoid heavy eating two hours prior, and wear layers, bring water, blankets, and/or a yoga mat for the sound healing portion. Don't miss this opportunity to embrace your divine essence and awaken your inner light!

JOY OKOYE is a spiritual intuitive who facilitates consciousness-expanding experiences using movement, breath, and sound. She is a JourneyDance® Teacher Trainer, Master Facilitator, and Coach trained in the Embodied Transformation Method. Joy is the co-creator of The Remedy and The Angst To Art Expressive Arts Programming of JourneyDance®. Joy is also a 500 HR Yoga Teacher, with training in Restorative, Yin, Adaptive, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Her guided meditations and yoga Nidra experiences often incorporate her unique vibrational sound healing. Joy’s vocal artistry ranges from sound healing to confessional songwriting and singing the blues. She also co-founded Ecstatic Dance Jersey, to create celebratory environments for self-healing through ritual, compassionate connection, and creative expression. Joy is committed to bringing diversity and inclusion to the Yoga and Transformational Movement world. Authenticity and vulnerability are just as important to her work as playfulness and humor— whether on the yoga mat, the dance floor, or in Joy's private coaching and spiritual mentoring practice.

MIRABAI MOON is a soulful, beautiful transmission of the Divine…Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are. Mirabai’s immensely versatile and powerfully expressive voice takes listeners on a journey, flowing effortlessly from ethereal dreaminess to soulful blues. She honed her craft studying vocal improvisation with Jazz legend Bobby McFerrin. After nearly two decades of songwriting and three original albums, she fell in love with the practice of Kirtan. In 2010, Mirabai devoted herself as a Bhakta, sharing her love of the Divine with others through sacred chant. Mirabai tours internationally, sharing kirtan and sound healing. Her offerings guide participants into experiences of profound healing. “Mirabai Moon is a Kirtan soul angel who uplifts the Spirit. Her voice is exquisitely tuned and her warmth fills your heart. Don’t miss her!” Gary Goldberg, In The Spirit Radio