1. Twameva Mata

From the recording The Bridge To Where You Are

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Featuring Mirabai Moon on lead vocals, singing bowls & guitar, Julia Bordenaro & Ira Scott Levin on harmony vocals, Allan Chapman percussion, & Kevin Lowney on bass


Twameva Mata, Cha Pita Twameva, Twameva Bandu, Cha Sakha Twameva
Twameva Vidya, Dravinam Twameva, Twameva Sarvam, Mama Deva Deva
You are my mother, you sustain me with your love
and with your grace, I remember who I am
You are my father, you raise my consciousness
and with your guidance, I learn how to be Divine
You are my best friend, my eternal companion
You’re always with me, you would never leave me
You are wisdom, you teach me all I need to know
You are abundance, everything I have it comes from you
Heart of my heart, soul of my soul
You're everything to me