A soulful, beautiful transmission of the Divine...Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are. 

      “Mirabai Moon is a Kirtan soul angel who uplifts the Spirit.  Her voice is exquisitely tuned and her warmth fills your heart. Don’t miss her!” Gary Goldberg of WRPI, In The Spirit Radio

      "Mirabai Moon's music encapsulates me in an auditory blanket of delicate, refined, loving attention.  Her voice is powerful, soft, melodic, and mindfully caring, striking me sonically as the divine feminine coming through to awaken us in the time when it is so needed on this earth."  James Braymiller, The Sloppy Bhakti


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Previous events



 —  —

With The Yoga Life Society

“A moment of experiencing the Light within can dispel the darkness – pain, fear, and doubt. The holistic teachings and practices of yoga are proven reliable paths to that experience.” ~Reverend Jaganath Carrera

Yoga Life Society invites you to spend a day that will inspire and uplift! We recognize that everyONE needs support during these challenging times. This retreat will offer you the tools to stimulate and motivate you to reveal the courage, discipline and deep Love that exist within all of us. Come spend the day diving into the very Heart of Yoga. You will experience:

• 2 satsangs offered by Reverend Jaganath Carrera

• Angelic Kirtan offered by Mirabai Moon and Kristen Ambrosi

• The sweet peace of meditation

• Vitalizing and rejuvenating Hatha and Restorative Yoga

• Deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra


Love Conquers All! Kirtan Concert with Mirabai Moon

 —  —

The Central PA Yoga Love Fest Community Group on Facebook

Come join Mirabai for this livestream of ecstatic love through the Bhakti Yoga Practice of Kirtan Streaming LIVE from the Central PA Yoga Love Fest Community Group on Facebook

This event is part of a FREE Online Yoga Festival sponsored by Central PA Yoga Love Fest. Please join the group to view this livestream


Cultivating Light in the Darkness, Kirtan Event with Mirabai Moon

 —  —

The Mystical Kirtan Fan Page, on the worldwide web, CT

A soulful, beautiful transmission of the Divine...Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are.

Come join Mirabai for this livestream transmission of powerful mantras and sacred sound, from the Mystical Kirtan Facebook fan page

Mirabai will be celebrating the release of her new single entitled "I Will Flow" an epic ballad about finding courage, strength, joy and peace in the face of life of life's storms. This new single will be launching on all streaming platforms on April 23rd and will be available on Mirabai's website

Donations will be deeply appreciated through:

Venmo @Mirabai-Moon,

CashApp $MirabaiMoon,



New Single Release


Celebrating the release of Mirabai's new single "I will flow," an epic ballad about finding courage, strength, joy and peace in the facing life's storms. This new single will be launching on all streaming platforms on April 23rd and will be available for download right here in the Mystical Kirtan music store The recording features amazing Bhakti musicians Danny Solomon, Ezra Landis, Owen Landis, and Alex Adrian.


Practice Receiving - Thai Massage & Sound Bath

 —  —

Playful Yogi Space, 42 Main St., Nyack, NY

Allow yourself to be deeply cared for. Practice receiving.

For this afternoon of healing vibration and touch you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of ethereal sound produced by Mirabai, playing her assortment of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments, while her angelic voice weaves in and out of the soundscape, bathing you in the mysterious and healing sound vibration that is music, pure and heart-centered.

Simultaneously, Matt and Amy will be moving around the circle treating each participant with short sequences of Thai Massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage.

This will be a unique combined experience of healing modalities that will be a deep re-set for your body mind and spirit.

Sunday March 8th, 2020 1:45 - 4 pm $55 per person, pre-registration required

Limited to 12 participants Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing.


Goddess Rising ~ Shakti Kirtan Celebration

 —  —

Private residence in , Orlando FL

Join Friends, Fellow Bhaktas & some of your favorite Devis for this full day mini kirtan festival celebrating Shakti: the Divine, creative, feminine force rising within all of us. Yvette Om (Philadelphia), Mirabai Moon (New York), Cheryl Chaffee (Sarasota), Amah Devi (Asheville) & Dana Kaplan (Orlando) will lead you through an afternoon & evening of heart-opening chanting. Connect to your highest, most loving & joyous self and to your ever expanding Bhakti Family! To Bring Devotion will be in the house lending their musical talents to some of the wallahs. You can also look forward to special guest musicians! And, we get to do it all together in January in sunny Florida!!!

While women are leading kirtan, all gender identifications/non-identifications are welcome! We've all got Shakti!!!

The host will provide a delicious vegan dinner of kitchari-style lentils, basmati rice & a green salad. In the spirit of a community pot-luck, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would bring a vegetarian snack, side or dessert to share. All of this singing to the Divine makes for some very hungry chanters!

The Saturday Kirtan Fest will be held at a private residence in Longwood, FL (Orlando area). Address will be given upon registration.


Chakra Restorative Yoga Sound Bath

 —  —

Purple OM Yoga, 3118 Route 10 West, Denville, NJ

Join mantra music artist/ yogini Mirabai Moon as she guides you on a journey of healing and wholeness through the chakras, the seven energy centers along the spine. Using sound vibration, mantra and mundra, Mirabai will help you open, activate, clear, balance and harmonize your chakras. The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls are specifically tuned to harmonize with the seven Chakra centers. Gentle restoratice yoga poses and guided visualizations will help you dive into the ocean of your own being by dropping into a state of deep relaxation where healing can be manifested.

$35 Investment


Winter Solstice Sound Healing Concert with Mirabai

 —  —

Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Lane, Woodbury, NY (Long Island)

Winter is a time for drawing inward, for nurturing the seeds of our dreams so they can burst forth in a beautiful expansive way come springtime. Winter Solstice marks the day when the sun is reborn. As you begin your journey from darkness to light, where do you want your journey to take you?

With crystal singing bowls, chimes, and ethereal voice, Mirabai Moon will create a magical dream space and take you on a journey to the inner realms.

$40 investment


New Earth Gathering, Melting the Walls through Sacred Sound & Ceremony

 —  —

AUMBASE Sedona, 1225 West State Route 89A, suite 201, Sedona, AZ 86336

This is a call for the community to gather together, bringing forth the energies of New Earth. We hold the vision of the New Earth as a world where all beings are held and treated equally with love, respect and honor. With sacred music and ceremony, we melt the walls around our hearts, feeling and knowing our Oneness with All. As we do this sacred work on the microcosm level, it reflects throughout the planet, opening the hearts and melting away the walls that create separation while igniting a remembrance of the Love we are.

Lift your voices and open your hearts as Mirabai Moon and Auriel Morgana invite you to join them the blissful practice of call and response chanting, known as Kirtan. Way of the Sacred with Deva Vidya & Sharon Silverstein invoke the Spirit of Oneness with songs that awaken our connection to all beings with original, conscious music.

Sacred Ceremony invokes prayer to see our visions of the New Earth manifest. Reverent speakers from the Hopi Nation, Messenger of H2opi and the Sivananda tradition, Swami Sankaranada, speak to our hearts and guide us back to the wisdom of the heart.

Friday, December 14th 6:30pm-9:30pm at AUMbase Sedona Suggested Expression of Appreciation $10. to $20. (No one turned away who can not pay ❤️)

Mirabai's New Single

JUST RELEASED APRIL 23, 2020 ~ "I will flow" is an epic ballad about finding courage, strength, joy and peace in the face of life's storms.  This new single will soon be streaming on all major platforms, but is available for download right here, right now, in the Mystical Kirtan music store.  The recording features amazing Bhakti musicians Danny Solomon (bass), Ezra Landis (guitar), Owen Landis (percussion), and Alex Adrian (keys).


The Hanuman Chalisa Project
In honor of Maharaji, Neem Karoli Baba, all digital sales of this mantra will be donated to charitable humanitarian causes.
The current beneficiary of this project is New York City's Coalition for the Homeless

Visit our Music Store to contribute by purchasing the digital download of this track.