A soulful, beautiful transmission of the Divine...Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are. 

      “Mirabai Moon is a Kirtan soul angel who uplifts the Spirit.  Her voice is exquisitely tuned and her warmth fills your heart. Don’t miss her!” Gary Goldberg of WRPI, In The Spirit Radio

      "Mirabai Moon's music encapsulates me in an auditory blanket of delicate, refined, loving attention.  Her voice is powerful, soft, melodic, and mindfully caring, striking me sonically as the divine feminine coming through to awaken us in the time when it is so needed on this earth."  James Braymiller, The Sloppy Bhakti


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New Release coming on Summer Solstice, June 21, 2023!



Immerse, harmonize, connect, dance, drum, chant, nurture yourself with body work, sound healing, yoga, and so much more... all in a lovely communal forest atmosphere. Make new connections with a diverse, mindful culture of people. Enjoy workshops, classes, and performances, and find some unique cool items to take home with you in the Sacred Moon Market. You can find it all at the Gathering of the Tribes Festival by Touch Mother Earth happening May 26th – 28th at Monmouth County Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale (central NJ). Note, this is not up north- NOT Sparta ( NOT Sussex County).

The festival is not just a fun experience, but a learning experience and a bonding experience. Facilitators, teachers, leaders, vendors, YOU and all the festival participants, are all together in the communal forest. You can come for a day or camp, hang out with a tribe, learn together, share meals, and talk together all in one place, all workshops are included!

Mirabai Moon will be performing Saturday night at 7 pm on Main Stage sandwiched between two power-house performers, Ubaka Hill & 13 Hands. She will also be leading a workshop Sunday morning at 11:00 am on "The Power of Mantra."


Expand your heart and experience the sweet sense of one-ness through the Bhakti Yoga practice of mantra chanting with Mirabai Moon and her Mystical Kirtan band. Once we have immersed ourselves in "The Bhav," a sublime emotional/spiritual state brought on by chanting, we will enter the ethereal realms of harmonic sound as Gong Gypsy performs on a variety of harmonic instruments including Planetary Gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, hand pan drum, and flutes.

The release date is now set for the new "Gayatri Mantra" single and the accompanying "Gayatri Meditation."  
We met our deadlines and the release date is 
June 21, 2023... Summer Solstice! 
Please mark the date on your calendar with a reminder notification, and include this link:
When the release date comes, click on this link and you will have immediate access to these 2 new tracks on your favorite streaming platforms.  Help me blast this off into the streaming ethers in a blaze of light!

About these two brand new tracks of Gayatri Mantra. 

First, a Gayatri sound meditation featuring Karttikeya Arul on Handpan.  

Then a full on rocked up version of the Gayatri featuring Karttikeya on percussion, Mark Dann on bass, and Matt Tavisha Fass on lead guitar.  Mirabai is featured on vocals on both tracks, along with harmonium and rhythm guitar.  

All in all a lavish sound experience.

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