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The Hanuman Chalisa

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In honor of Maharaji, Neem Karoli Baba, all digital sales of this mantra will be donated to charitable humanitarian causes.

The current beneficiary of this download is NYC's coalition for the Homeless. To learn about this what this wonderful organization is doing, visit their website

The Hanuman Chalisa was a favorite of the great Indian Saint Neem Karoli Baba who is called Maharaji by his devotees. It is a poem praising Hanuman, who's devotion to Lord Rama is most exemplary of perfect devotion to the Divine. Maharaji encouraged his devotees to chant the Hanuman Chalisa to open their hearts and to experience Divine Bliss. Maharaji said that every verse of this 40 verse poem is a Maha Mantra (great sacred utterance). The Hanuman Chalisa is a doorway to the Divine. By chanting the Hanuman Chalisa we develop in ourselves the qualities of Hanuman. Hanuman’s qualities are devotion, faith, courage, and strength. Mahatma Gandhi said, "The best way to find your Self is to lose yourself in the service of others." Maharji’s message is to love everyone and serve everyone. And it is from this dharmic teaching that this project has arisen. Please contribute to this project and may chanting the Hanuman Chalisa work its magic on you.