Maheshwar Itinerary Nov. 13 - 23, 2017


MORNING YOGIC PROGRAM At SwAr Ashram: Each day begins at 7:00 AM with Agnihotra (fire ceremony) at sunrise including Pranayam and Meditation
Aarti & Puja 7:30 AM
Morning Asana Practice starts at 8:00 AM

Breakfasts at Labboo'z Cafe: All Breakfasts will be there and we will arrive by 9:30 AM. Indian breakfast choices from the menu include Indian Poha (a hot flattened rice dish), Peanut Chat (delish on the side with poha), Potato Chat, Oatmeal, Fruits, Toast, Stuffed Parathas, Samosas and more. All Vegan. Almond mylk is being provided especially for us. Herbal teas, Chai and Coffee are available. There is a fresh green coconut water vendor across the street if you want to pick that up yourself and carry it in.

Lunches & Dinners. Most meals will be at Labboo'z. at least 2 meals will be at SwAr Ashram and at least 4 on the road and elsewhere - all are included in the package.

Daily Satsang discussions on spiritual texts (see itinerary below), storytelling pertinent to the places we’ll be visiting, and other topics including Karma Yoga and the science behind Agnihotra, Rudraksha & Shiva Lingams.

Nightly sunset Agnihotra followed by Live Music Yoga into Kirtan

There will be free time reserved every day for you to find a quiet place to journal, meditate, or go shopping in this ancient city that is famous for its textiles and saris.  It’s very inexpensive to have clothing tailor-made for you in India!

November 13th:
Pickup at Indore airport 4:00 PM / 6:00 PM hotel check in
Circle of welcome 7:00 PM
Dinner at Labboo’z 8:00 PM

November 14th:
Tour of the Maheshwar Palace, Fort & Ghats

Agnihotra Workshhop with Niradhara - full training how to use a Fire Kit and discussion on the science behind Agnihotra.

***Fire kits must be ordered in advance, so if you know you want to bring one home with you, please let Niradhara know AT LEAST 2 WEEKS prior to the retreat.***

Sunset Boat ride to Baneshwar Temple in the middle of the Narmada River.
Storytelling about this 4,000+ year old temple, Agnihotra, then Kirtan inside

November 15th:
Walking tour of the Local Handloom weaving NGO

Lunch at the SwAr Ashram & Puja Workshop with Mirabai

Yoga Sutras Satsang Part 1 & Special Kirtan at the Narmada Mandir

November 16th:
Boat ride to Sapta Matrika (The 7 Divine Mothers) Shrine and
Shalivan Ashram to perform Abishek in honor of Shivaratri

Yoga Sutras Satsang Part 2 & Special Shiva Kirtan at the Rajrajeshwari Temple

November 17th:
Day trip to Dattatreya Mandir & Picnic Lunch at Sahasradhara Rapids

Satsang on the Mandukya Upanishad (the one Upanishad that alone is sufficient for knowledge to gain “moksha” or liberation). Storytelling about Sahasradhara.

New Moon Abishek and candlelight kirtan on the Ghats

November 18th:
Day trip to OMkareshwar full day
Special Abishek of the OMKar Jyotir Lingam & blessings from the temple Brahmins Lunch overlooking the ghats of Omkareshwar
Boat ride to the Island of Mandhata, and exploring the island temples.
Satsang on the science behind
Rudraksha & Shiva Lingams.
Dinner at Devraj Garden in Maheshwar (sooooooooooo YUMMY!)

November 19th:
Devi Yajnya at SwAr Ashram
Satsang on the
Soundarya Lahari, a beautiful poem about the Goddess Shakti, written by Adi Shankara, given to him by Shiva himself. It is a tantra textbook, giving instructions on Puja and offerings, many yantras, describing tantric ways of performing devotion connected to each specific shloka.
Special Devi Kirtan at Ahilyeshwari Temple

November 20th:
Afternoon Integration with Circle of Sharing
Karma Yoga Satsang & discussion about SwAr Ashram’s programs to help young girls in the community/mentorship program
Rangoli Art & Henna Party

Ceremony releasing the Diyas on Ma Narmada and sunset kirtan on the water enroute to Baneshwar temple for an AUM Bath.
Catered dinner at SwAr Ashram

November 21st:
Goodbyes to participants leaving for Thanksgiving after Breakfast at Labboo'z
Shopping at the Maheshwar Bazaar
Special Gratitude Puja
Dinner with the Sadhus
at Banke Bihari Mandir followed by a high energy
kirtan a la “Hare Krishna”

November 22nd:
Day trip to the Maheshwar Goshala
Satsang on
Gauraksha – Cow Protection and Vedic relationship to cows vs
the world of industrial farming
Closing Circle – Integration
Dinner at Devraj Garden

November 23rd:

Departure after breakfast


*note* - all above will be covered with the understanding that this is India, and we may have to be flexible and shift the times of these experiences to accommodate others we are at the mercy of like drivers etc. Likewise, if you choose to opt out of any activities and take some free time, you may of course, do so.


Departing Flight Details

For those of you wanting to be home for Thanksgiving...

Flight Departs Indore at 5:10 PM Tuesday Nov 21 (2 connecting flights)
Arrives in JFK Wednesday Nov 22 at 7:35 AM


For those of you staying until Nov 23...

Flight Departs Indore at 5:10 PM Thursday Nov 23 (2 connecting flights)

Arrives in JFK Wednesday Nov 24 at 7:35 AM