The Rural India Girl's Empowerment Initiative

Imagine a world where a girl cannot even attend school because of lack of menstrual care to manage her Moon Cycle.
Meet an Amma who is Mother of her girl student’s Moon Cycles.
Learn how you can get involved and be a Moon Mother, too.

Join Mirabai Moon for an online Kirtan Event and discussion about the Girl’s Empowerment Initiative
on Saturday March 5th from 8 - 9 PM EST (replays available on the Goddess Rising Facebook Page)
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The Girl’s Empowerment Initiative was launched in 2014 in rural India by a Western Amma at a small ashram in Madya Pradesh.  Their main objective is to empower young girls with self-care education and supplies so that their schooling would be uninterrupted, and they could have a better chance at success in life.

You can play an integral part in helping rural Indian girls complete their education.  By contributing to this fundraiser and becoming a “Moon Mother” (or Moon Father!).

Your contribution of $25 will PROVIDE A SET OF PADS along with a full day of our MOON CYCLE EDUCATION YOGA CAMP to ONE OF OUR GIRLS

Your contribution of $50 will do all that AND...

(scroll down for information on our Eco-friendly pad sets for Environmentally Conscious Western Women)

Unfortunately, at this time, all Indian NGOs are unable to take non-Indian donations online.  As New York Liaison for the Rural India Girl's Empowerment Initiative, Mirabai Moon will be delivering your donations directly to Amma for the girl's pads and education, in person, in India, on March 14th.  So please make your donations before then!

Amma reports, “Since I began teaching about the Sacred Time of the Month and making / providing the washable bio-friendly and ecological pads that I designed specifically for our girl’s – their school attendance has increased from missing half of each month to near perfect attendance.  The top exam scorers in our classes are now all GIRLS!  Witnessing their self-confidence spark & their personalities blossom is a real gift….”

The Girl's Empowerment Initiative has distributed over 850 pad sets freely to girls in need in Amma’s small community of about 15,000 population. They hope to eventually expand this initiative throughout the state with a training program for other NGOs to make the pads and learn our Amma’s educational model.

"The pads themselves have enabled a cultural shift that empowers girls to simply go to school. Girls of the last generation (their mothers) dropped out at first sign of menstruation."

Amma explains “Before our pad sets were available, girls commonly missed at least one week of school per month and often 2 weeks because they are not allowed to walk to school alone and their walking partner has a menstrual cycle too.  Girls fell hopelessly behind in their studies and dropped out in their early teens. Marriage is arranged shortly after, with limited bargaining power for a good husband without a good education herself.  Culturally, staying in school doesn’t always mean a career for a daughter, but definitely it is an advantage when arranging a suitable marriage.  An education opens up a whole world of opportunity into a better life than their parents. The typical girl enrolled here has a mother who completed only the third grade.”

Amma is so thrilled to witness the positive effects of the initiative.  She says "A girl today who has completed the free govt college program, often works for a year or two before marriage, develops a greater confidence in herself, and is much less likely to fall prey to domestic abuse because she knows her self-worth.  Though still rare, she may even keep her career, and her own bank account after marriage.

Among our students now – for the first time – there are 3 revolutionary girls who are delaying marriage to start careers – one in Civil Engineering, one in Social Work and one as a Judge!

This is truly revolutionary!" says Amma excitedly, "It is the Women’s Liberation that many of us experienced in the 1960s, but now is just beginning in rural India." 

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All our pads are stitched for a fair wage by local women, trained by Amma, who run their own cottage industries.

Our hope is that if these Organic Cotton pads take off among Western women, the money raised from their sale can help to fund our Girl's Empowerment Initiative!

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