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Holiday Party and Marketplace

 —  —

Jamie Surya's Yoga Studio, 642 Main St., Sparkill, NY

Come celebrate the holidays at Jamie Surya's Yoga Stodio with wine and vegan cheeze, and do some holiday shopping at the same time. There will be artists from the Rockland Couty community selling art and hand-crafted jewelry. Mirabai will have her pop up shop there and everything you purchase from her will help fund here upcoming trip to Arizona to hold prayerful vigil at the Border Wall, dissolving the walls of separation with love and planting seeds of Unity Consciousness for the New Earth.


Sacred Sounds Healing Concert with Mirabai & Alan Pratt

 —  —

Private residence in, Vernon, NJ

Dear Friends, please join us for an intimate powerful healing experience with Mirabai Moon and Alan Pratt, Thursday December 5th, 7 - 9:30pm, at the Adobe in Vernon, New Jersey.

Tickets: $40 Pls contact Ana Marie Llamas to confirm your space: (have event on subject heading please) (973) 668 6444 cell to leave message Space is limited to 15.

BRING: A bottle of water and a yoga mat, cushions, pillows, blankets -- whatever you need to be comfortable to lie on the floor. We will also have chairs for those who prefer to sit.


Mantras & Medicine Songs with Mirabai Moon

 —  —

The Sanctuary, at Abby Road, Middletown, NJ 07748

Come join us for this special gathering where we will meet in the heart space, for an evening of songs to heal the earth and all beings. Bring a song, poem, or inspired thoughts to share, and a nourishing vegetarian dish.

Suggested Donation of $10 at the door for our hosts Dave Miller and Cheryl Lupa Glover and our facilitator Mirabai Moon (no one turned away for lack of cash)

Please RSVP ($1) for full address as this is a private residence


Beginner Harmonium Workshop

 —  —

Elly's Meditation Center, 12 5th St., Hazlet, NJ 07734

If you have ever wanted to learn to play harmonium, lead a Kirtan Chant, or just sink more deeply into your devotional yoga practice, then drop in for this sweet exploration of harmonium and chant with Mirabai Moon. In this workshop you will learn the basic mechanics of how to work a harmonium, an acoustic organ that is frequently used to play kirtan music. Harmoniums make a beautiful drone sound, like an OM, created by the movement of air through reeds when you pump the bellows. It’s an AUMazing meditation tool! You will learn four or five very simple kirtan chants. These chants will be beginner friendly, so you can get started chanting while playing the harmonium right away with confidence and ease. You will be given chant sheets to bring home with you, so you can continue to practice your newly acquired skills at home. Don’t have a harmonium? Don’t worry! Mirabai will have extra harmoniums on hand and even some for sale after the workshop if you would like to take one home with you.


Live Radio Appearance on "An Emerging Forest"

 —  —

Mirabai Moon on Spiritual Activism

As a former grassroots organizer and activist for peace, social justice, and environmental conservancy, Mirabai has thought deeply about the means by which we can create a better world. On this special podcast Mirabai will discuss spiritual activism and the tools she has discovered to lovingly effect positive change in the world.

You will have the opportunity to call in and ask Mirabai questions on the topic and/or offer some of your own insights. Mirabai anticipates that together we will generate many inspiring strategies to overcome the pitfalls and road blocks often faced by individuals striving to make positive changes in the world.

Call in number: 646-564-9714


Sacred Sounds Healing Concert with Mirabai & Alan Pratt

 —  —

Living Seed, 521 Main Street, New Paltz, NY 12561

Mirabai will be collaborating for the first time with sound and energy healer Alan Pratt.

BRING: A bottle of water and a yoga mat, cushions, pillows, blankets -- whatever you need to be comfortable to lie on the floor. We will also have chairs for those who prefer to sit. Tickets $30


Sound Bath

 —  —

Body Positive Works, 96 East Allendale Rd., Saddle River, NJ 07458

Retreat into a rejuvenating experience for your body, heart & mind. Ground your energy and let go. Breathe into the timeless realm of the inner self. Mirabai Moon invites you to reconnect with the wellspring of healing and vitality within you. This nourishing sound bath offers you the time and space to experience a deep state of calm while building clear awareness within your body and mind. Allowing the mind to rest inwardly, you will connect to the auspicious dynamism of stillness within you. The angelic ethereal voice of Mirabai will guide you through an immersive soundscape, along with the healing vibrations of crystal healing bowls, chimes, harmonium, and other sound healing tools.

$25| pre-registration requested


Kirtan in Mount Shasta California

 —  —

Temple of Intention, 301 South Old Stage Rd., Mount Shasta, CA 96067

Join us for an Evening of Devotion with Mirabai Moon, Jitendra, Nico, See More Love, & Arjuna.

Sliding Scale $10-20 Love Offering

Your contribution helps us to cover our travel expenses to bring you this beautiful practice and the rent of the temple for the evening. Please give what you can.

We are offering these discount codes for those who really want to be with us but are financially challenged at this time

25% off: SHASTA25

50% off: SHASTA50


Chakra Restorative Yoga Sound Bath

 —  —

Shanti OM Yoga, 7334 North Chicago Ave., Portland, OR 97203

Join mantra music artist/yogini Mirabai Moon as she guides you on a journey of healing and wholeness through the chakras, the seven energy centers along the spine.

The chakras are often referred to as the subtle energy body. They are metaphysical vortexes of energy. They symbolize the connection between the spiritual and the physical, and coincide with the body’s endocrine system.

Using sound vibration, visualization, mantra, mudra, and restorative yoga poses, Mirabai will help you to open, activate, clear, balance, and harmonize these chakras.

The vibrations of Mirabai's Crystal Singing Bowls are specifically tuned to harmonize with the seven Chakra centers. Gentle restorative yoga poses and guided visualizations will help you dive into the ocean of your own being by dropping into a state of deep relaxation where healing can be manifested on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.

Please register in advance - $35

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