Full Moon Mantra Lounge

Stable Gate Farm & Lodge, 10 Linda Way, Castleton-on-Hudson

Summer is a time for expressing ourselves and our hearts, for planting and tending to the seeds of our dreams in a beautiful expansive way

July Summer time is in full swing- Let us sing and dance our appreciation! Through sound healing, kirtan and ecstatic dancing

As you begin your journey from darkness to light, where do you want your journey to take you?

With crystal singing bowls, chimes, and ethereal voice, Mirabai Moon will create a magical dream space and take you on a journey to the inner realms.

Dreams await in the darkness to take flight and be brought out into the light.

Emerging out of the dream space we will cultivate that light, grow and expand it through group devotional chant with the practice of Kirtan.

he evening will include a meditative sound journey, a sacred Aarti (prayerful offering of light), a joyful uplifting kirtan (devotional chanting), and culminate with an Ecstatic Dance.

Ecstatic dancing is non verbal dance party where the set lists are crafted to work their way up the chakras!

7:30 Tea Time 8:00 Sound Bath into Mystical Kirtan 10:00 Ecstatic Dance with Ecstatic Dance Cooperative DJ: TBA

$20 until 7/1 $25 until 7/11 $30 at the door