Live-streaming Love - Mystical House Kirtan

Junie Moon's Humble Abode, Montclair, NJ

OH MY MY! I am convinced that it was Mercury Retrograde that subverted our well laid plans to hold kirtan and The Vastu Yoga in Verona this Friday November 30th! But the band and I were feeling the Love so strongly and felt so compelled to make this happen, that it has blossomed into something much more beautiful...a gift from our hearts to your' this free live-stream event! We do have space for about 20 people at Junie's home if you are feeling in the spirit and would like to join us in person and add your voice to the live-stream. As this is a private residence, please personal message me and I will send you the address. We are asking for a $15-20 love offering for those who would like to be there in person...but no one will be turned away ♥ There is a donation link will on our events page for anyone who would like to express their gratitude in this way. So please do join us at 8:00 PM (either in person or from "The Mystical Kirtan of Mirabai Moon" fan page) and be part of the Gratitude Love Fest!