Bhakti-Mobile Fundraising Campaign

Please support my Bhakti-Mobile Fundraising Campaign and help me share the love far and wide!

Please support my Bhakti-Mobile Fundraising Campaign and help me share the love far and wide!

Namaste Dear Souls,

It has been my life long dream to be a touring musician, a dream that I have actualized but keep fine-tuning.  For a year I was exploring what it feels like to live on the road doing what I love, by renting camper vans when I tour.  And I have decided that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!  So after watching a million videos on YouTube about Van Life and Sprinter Van Conversions, I decided to take the plunge.  I bought a Ram ProMaster High Roof Work Van and have been converting it into a camper van with the help of my dear friend Jim Gates.  We have done A LOT, but have been at a standstill due to financial constraints.  I know all of you who believe in me and love what I do will help me manifest what I need to see this project through to its full completion.  Last year we raised $3,250 in loving contributions from folks like you, and we spent roughly $6,080 in supplies for the conversion.  We are still dreaming of a little kitchenette with a sink and running water, a water heater, interior paneling, finished flooring, and cabinets for storing food and other necessities.

We have renewed our fundraising efforts as this summer I will be doing my first cross country Bhakti music tour and living out of RAM van for over 2 months.  I am hoping to get the inside a little more livable before then.


1.  by clicking the donate button, you can contribute any amount

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4.  by hosting me for a kirtan or sound bath event at a venue near you. 
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Since this isn't being done on a crowd-funding website, I get your donation right away and the work on the van can continue.  AND you don't have to wait for your perks!  I will ship them to you right away.  AND every cent you donate goes directly to supporting my project and not to some third party.  I like that part the best!

Thank you in advance for your kind support!

With love and light, OM Shanti, OM Prem,
Mirabai Moon



Our Contribution Perks

Bhakti-Mobile Conversion Blog

Ram Van Conversion Video! 

This summer's touring was so full on with Ram Van, I was not able to keep up with this blog, so here's a video to get you all up to date on our progress over the past few months.  Enjoy!

It's my birthday!!! Please Solarize me!!! 

Namaste Sweet Souls. 
It was looking like it could rain today, so we spent the day plotting out the electrical needs for the van in preparation for the solar installation on RAM at Touch Motther Earth Gathering in 2 weeks....soooooooooo excited!!!! Giving a shout out to Alex of Antinanco Earth Arts School for his kind support and guidance, I can pretty confidently say we would be lost without his help! 
We have worked out the budget for the solarization and electrical needs of RAM and we are aiming to raise $2,009 for this part of the van conversion project. We've got 2 WEEKS to raise the funds! 

For anyone interested to see our shopping list, here it is: 

4 100 watt solar panels 
$173 x 4 = $692 

1 40 amp MTTP controller 

3 100 amp hour batteries 
$168 x 3 = $504 

50 feet of 10 gauge marine grade duplex wire 

Water proof cable glands joints 

Battery connectors 
2 x $24 
1 x $34 

Battery disconnect switch 

5 pairs of MC4 connectors 

50 amp Circuit breaker 

150 amp circuit breaker 

4 rolls VBH tape 
$10.20 x 4 = $40.80 

2500 watt power inverter 

4 in one charger socket panel 

USB charger socket 

12 volt rocker switches 

OM Shanti, OM Prem

Undaunted by delays 

We finally got the van windows this afternoon... just as well that they came late, it was too rainy yesterday to start cutting holes in the van. Hoping to resume work on the van on Friday if the weather cooperates. We are planning to put a full weekend of work in next weekend. The exciting news is that RAM van is going to be used as the demo in a solar power workshop at Touch Mother Earth Gathering the first weekend in June! So we spent this evening determining our electrical needs so we can have all the supplies we need on hand for the workshop. I hope to have these figures tomorrow so I can post our next fundraising goal. In the meantime, we are still taking donations if anyone feels inspired.  Thank you Christine A. Angel and Karuna Lynne Elson for your kind support.

We met our goal for the windows! 

Once again I am so touched by everyone's generosity. Not only did I reach my goal for the 2 van windows, but I raised another $163 which should cover all the materials for the flooring of the van! Thank you Lynda Ferrara, Eileen Alexander DiNinno, Priya Ann-Marie Bochicchio, & Greg Skroce for your loving support! We should have the windows by the weekend and we will be resuming work on the van this Sunday.  We are working out the budget now for the insulation, walls and solar powered electrical system. I'll be posting that soon. God bless you all!

You touched my heart 


I'm so moved and completely blown away by the generosity I have experienced the past few days! Thank you Christine A. Angel, Jessica High, Kimberly DeMario, Brian King, and Kathie Prieto for your kind support. Got my ventilation fan and all the supplies needed for installation. I'm just $80 away from getting the 2 van windows.

RAM purification is underway 

Thank you to Jessica Moroz, Chrisoula Hammad, and Mind Body Works for your contributions. We are still needing another $500 to cover the windows and the ventilation fan. Any kind souls out there willing and able to support our project will be greatly appreciated.


Ready to begin! 

Thank you Ruth Beltran, Lila Om, and Diane Padma Maucier for funding my first trip to Lowe's ❤🕉🦋 
Tomorrow the work begins with a thorough cleaning of the inside of the van, as it is a used one, and a fresh coat of rust-oleum spray paint on the interior floor to prevent any rust. 
Next on the list will be the installation of two windows and a ventilation fan. 
Shopping list: 
Dicor Sealant $12.39 
Butyl Tape $18.95 
Vent Installation kit $6.16 
Fantastic Vent $129.99 
2 horizontal sliding windows 
$213.18 each 
Total cost $593.85 
What sweet kirtan loving souls are willing and able to help?

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