A soulful, beautiful transmission of the Divine...Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon offers a passionate embrace of the Divine Essence right here, right now... in your embodied, human form, just as you are. 

      “Mirabai Moon is a Kirtan soul angel who uplifts the Spirit.  Her voice is exquisitely tuned and her warmth fills your heart. Don’t miss her!” Gary Goldberg of WRPI, In The Spirit Radio

      "Mirabai Moon's music encapsulates me in an auditory blanket of delicate, refined, loving attention.  Her voice is powerful, soft, melodic, and mindfully caring, striking me sonically as the divine feminine coming through to awaken us in the time when it is so needed on this earth."  James Braymiller, The Sloppy Bhakti


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New Release coming on Summer Solstice, June 21, 2023!



Portal of Rebirth, Fire of Transformation Retreat

 —  —

The Big Island, Private Retreat House, near Hilo, HI

Join Deva Sophia Grace and Mirabai Moon on the Big Island of Hawaii for a powerful and transformative retreat. The Big Island, with its volcanic activity, embodies the energies of death and rebirth; expansion and growth. In this retreat, we will commune with the Hawaiian Goddess, Pele. Through shamanic experiences, movement, ceremony and sacred music, we will dive deep into Her fiery energy, releasing and transmuting the old, and igniting the passion and power within us to create ourselves anew.

***This is an intimate retreat and spaces are limited.

Please go to the ticketing link for full retreat details.

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Be Still & Know Retreat with Swami Sankarananda

 —  —

Amethyst Retreat Center, 44 Buffalo Creek Rd., Duncannon, PA 17020

Please join us for a transformative three-day experience that stills the mind and settles matters of the heart. Deepen your experience of life through silence, meditation, chanting, yoga asana and the teachings of the great Yogis.

Swami Sankarananda will guide us through the majority of the retreat, sharing wisdom to inspire transcendence from living in fear, to living in peace & harmony. We will explore practices designed to help us re-discover the sacred silence within and to connect profoundly with our authentic selves. The wisdom teaching of Yoga and Yogic practices will help us to both experience and to sustain inner connection and awareness.

Why practice silence... Silence is peace. In a world that seems to become ever more complex and busy, it is important to take time to turn within and experience silence. There is no better cure for what ails us than to be silent, and yet we do not know how to be truly silent. To merely stop talking is not really to be silent. If one stops talking but the racing thoughts are there, it will cause heat and agitation in the mind. Yoga provides practical techniques for bringing silence and peace to the mind, which helps one reconnect with the true Self.



4PM Arrival & Check in

6PM Dinner

730PM Opening Prayer & Overview

8PM Satsang: Silent Meditation, Chanting with Swamiji and Mirabai Moon, Dharma Talk: Silence

10PM Lights Out


530AM Wake up

6AM Satsang: Silent Meditation, Chanting, Dharma Talk: Sound to Silence

8AM Yoga Asana / Pranayama Class

10AM Brunch

12PM Tea & Vedanta: Theory & Practice of Self Inquiry - Discernment

1PM Self-reflection time. Swami will offer spiritual counseling sessions for those interested. There will be a sign-up sheet provided. Swami will also have a library of wonderful spiritual books with him...Feel free to borrow any of these during the retreat to read and reflect, journal or walk silently on the beautiful grounds of Amethyst.

4-530PM Restorative Yoga and Meditative Sound Bath with Mirabai

6PM Dinner

7PM Kirtan with Mirabai

8PM Satsang: Chanting, Dharma Talk: Sadhana

10PM Lights Out


530AM Wake up

6AM Satsang: Silent Meditation, Chanting, Dharma Talk: Steps Towards Inner Peace

8AM Yoga Asana / Pranayama Class

10AM Brunch

11AM Labyrinth - walking meditation

12PM Closing Discussions, Prayers & Arati - Practice of Silence Ends

1PM Program ends

As part of deepening our yogic awareness and practices, opportunities for seva (self-less service) will be available throughout the retreat. We will discuss the various opportunities and ask for volunteers. Sharing seva together is an essential aspect of the retreat weekend.

Accommodations are dorm-style rooms. Camping is also permitted, please bring your own camping gear. All meals will be vergetarian, with vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options available. Light snacks and tea will be provided throughout the retreat.

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The release date is now set for the new "Gayatri Mantra" single and the accompanying "Gayatri Meditation."  
We met our deadlines and the release date is 
June 21, 2023... Summer Solstice! 
Please mark the date on your calendar with a reminder notification, and include this link:
When the release date comes, click on this link and you will have immediate access to these 2 new tracks on your favorite streaming platforms.  Help me blast this off into the streaming ethers in a blaze of light!

About these two brand new tracks of Gayatri Mantra. 

First, a Gayatri sound meditation featuring Karttikeya Arul on Handpan.  

Then a full on rocked up version of the Gayatri featuring Karttikeya on percussion, Mark Dann on bass, and Matt Tavisha Fass on lead guitar.  Mirabai is featured on vocals on both tracks, along with harmonium and rhythm guitar.  

All in all a lavish sound experience.

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